16th Australian Venture - PENGAKAP JOHOR

Feb 7, 2013

16th Australian Venture

The Scouts Australia South Australian Branch has accepted the responsibility for the hosting of the 16th Australian Venture to be held from 2-13 January 2015.
This triennial event is the major national youth event of the Venturer Scout section (ages 14.5 to 18 years) and will attract Scouting members from Australia and the Asia-Pacific region.
The Venture will run in accordance and compliance with the Scouts Australia Major National Events policy and in keeping with the spirit of the Venturer Scout program. The name of the Venture is  AV2015 - Heaps Good SA!
The Venture will include a 5 day expedition phase followed by a week of on-site and off-site activities based from the Woodhouse Activity Centre in the Adelaide Hills.
Participants will experience the best South Australia has to offer with a wide range of activities from hiking our picturesque walking trails through to exploring the City of Adelaide – and everything in between.
The 2015 Venture website located at www.av2015.scouts.com.au contains the most up to date event information and will be added to over the coming months to get everyone enthused.
To register your interest in attending this event click here.

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